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Student's comments about Total Vocal... Singing lessons Milton Keynes

Rebecca Hardcastle (Vocal Coach Student)

"Sheridan is a bright, fun and inspirational vocal coach.  He is a great instructor in technique and has a brilliant knack for instilling confidence in any performer.  He has helped me to become the singer/actress I am today and I am sure he will continue to aid me with whatever the future holds. My vocal ability has gone from strength to strength with Sheridan and I couldn't recommend anybody more. Oh and did I mention, the Total Vocal shows are a blast!!"

Rebecca Hardcastle (Student)

Jack Paviour

“Sheridan is an inspirational and talented professional who is able to both motivate and promote self belief in everybody he meets. He is creative, knowledgeable and passionate without exception and has a unique ability to, not only help people reach the goals they wish to achieve, but to far exceed them.”

Jack Paviour (Student)
Di Gotts (Singing student)

"For the past 10 years I have had regular lessons from Sheridan during which time he has become a close personal friend. He is a great teacher and I have learnt a lot about not only vocal technique but also about having confidence. He is inspirational with his pupils and keen to show off their talents in the showcases he produces, which involve lots of hard work and dedication but huge amounts of laughter, tears and fun!"

Di Gotts (Student)
Megan Tame (Singing student)

“Megan absolutely loves going to her lessons with Sheridan. After only a few lessons we have noticed significant improvements in her voice. She no longer strains to hit the high notes and her breathing technique has been complimented at competitions!  She has been able to put the techniques learned, and confidence gained so far to good use during her competitions and auditions.  A massive thank you Sheridan, for all your help so far.”
Rachel Tame (Megan’s mother)
James Clark (Music producer)

“I have had the pleasure of working with The Total Vocal Academy for a number of years through my work as a music producer and sound engineer. The Total Vocal performers epitomise professionalism in rehearsal and on the stage through Sheridan's expert leadership. It is always a fulfilling experience collaborating with Total Vocal: the bar is firmly set at a level to which others should aspire.”
James Clark (Music Producer, Sound-board Music)

"My time with Sheridan has taken me from someone who struggled to sing in front of a mirror, to a self-assured person and singer. Thanks to his warm nature and his becoming a friend and mentor to me, I can now confidently walk into an audition room full of strangers and sing happily and confidently. I am a happier person and better performer for meeting Sheridan!  I owe him a debt of gratitude."

Alex Di Cuffa (Student)
Ceri Ellis (Singing student)

“In my ten years of lessons with Sheridan, I have had countless technical break-throughs, expanding my vocal range and growing in confidence. We have fun and sing our hearts out every lesson, and I can't thank him enough for everything he's taught me.”

Ceri Ellis (Student)
Alice Jackman (Drama student)

“Not only have I improved both technically and artistically during my time with Sheridan, but most importantly he has made me believe in myself and showed me that I have what it takes to get into Drama School - I have just heard that I have been offered a place!"

Alice Jackman (Student)
Donl Keane (Singing student)

“I gave up on the idea of singing when I was 15, convinced I couldn’t and that it would serve no use. 24 years later and Sheridan helped me prove myself wrong… with just a few lessons under my belt I can safely say that the sense of regret at not doing this sooner is massively outweighed by the confidence and miracles that Sheridan helps me uncover every single lesson, he has to be one of the nicest and most encouraging individuals it's been my pleasure to meet.  Thank you Sheridan :-)”

Donal Keane (Student)