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Hey Guys -

This is where we keep you posted on all the latest Total Vocal news. You will find dates for forthcoming shows, workshops and other events right here on this page. We would suggest you visit our Facebook page - every ‘like’ we receive helps Total Vocal reach more people, as well as following us on Twitter and networking with us on LinkedIn.

Over the last 10 years, Total Vocal has produced or appeared at many public events. These have included a BBC1 television appearance, our spectacular vocal showcases at The Stables, music festivals, open-air events, and a series of staged concerts as well as many unforgettable parties and sing-along events!

As an organisation we are constantly striving to improve our services to you all.

We believe Total Vocal is a force to be reckoned with, and are keen to develop more and more opportunities for you, the singers, and to stay ahead in the game.


September 14th and 15th sees the launch
of our brand-new weekend academies!

In addition to all the services Total Vocal already offer, we are now very excited to
introduce our brand-new weekend academies. Read the press release....

'Vocalmania sweeps Oxfordshire as Total Vocal prepares to open the first of a series
of weekend academies. Oxford & Banbury have been selected as the first town for
Total Vocal (established 1998) to offer their new value-for-money weekend package.
The venues for our first weekend academies will be Oxford Acabemy and
St John's Priory in Banbury. These dynamic new singing schools promise to offer 8-18
year olds who love to sing a brand new opportunity to sing their hearts out every weekend!

Weekly three hour sessions are to be held on Saturdays and Sundays -
The Total Vocal Academy coaches will teach children & teenagers aged 8-18 how to sing -
both as solo performers and as part of a harmony group or rock choir. Pop songs, jazz ballads,
show tunes and rock anthems all have their place here.
To ensure that the singers receive a comprehensive all-round training, the academy
will employ a unique three-pronged coaching method. Three creative industry experts
will train the students to be confident and dynamic singers – a vocal coach
( solo voice & technique), a choir director (group work & pop choir) and a performance coach
(confidence & presentation). A 12 week term will cost £300 per child (£25 per 3 hour session).

In addition to solo voice and group work, a whole hour each week is dedicated to
building confidence and self-esteem. Cool interactive games, funky exercises and some
offbeat exercises will be used here. As the singers grow in stature they will be given
one-to-one feedback on their vocal performances.

If you would like to reserve your places or require further information please visit us at our
TVA website or contact us on 01295 720554 / 07532 406211