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Sheridan Coldstream

Sheridan Coldstream

Sheridan Coldstream – International Vocal and Confidence Coach & TikTok Sensation is based in Buckingham, England. Featured on BBC, ITV, 5 Live and Heart Radio, Sheridan is firmly established as one of the industry’s best. As a singing teacher and vocal coach he has more than 25 years experience.

From Pop, Rock, Jazz and soul to London’s West End, Sheridan trains, develops and encourages singers at all levels from complete beginners, to recording artists with major record labels.

His nurturing approach, confidence coaching and exceptional knowledge of vocal technique ensure his methods are appropriate for anyone, whether you are taking singing lessons for fun, or you already have a successful singing career. Whilst some of you aspire to be signed by a major label, others dream of a place at Drama School – Sheridan will help you deliver an audition that gets results.

Total Vocal exists with these objectives:

• To encourage, train and develop singers at all levels
• To develop a solid and lasting vocal technique
• To release & maximise talent
• To develop confidence and boost self-esteem
• To provide performance opportunities whenever possible
• To provide access to a fantastic network of like-minded singers

Total vocal exists with these objectives:

What's on offer?

One-to-one Singing Lessons

Singing lessons last one hour, the initial aim to help you feel as comfortable as possible. There is no “one size fits all” as every singer is unique, so lessons will be customised to meet your needs. These can be online or based at Sheridan’s studio in Finmere, close to Brackley and Buckingham. Teaching methods are intuitive, upbeat and fun and may cover any of the following areas:

- Vocal Technique

Every singer needs a solid foundation of technique – areas to be worked on typically include breathing, support, tuning, range-building, posture, placement, larynx position, tone, diction and microphone technique.

- Confidence

Confidence is everything. Who you believe you are and what you believe you deserve is the starting point for everything else. It’s a priority of ours to help you develop a great self-image, conquer any demons and feel fabulous.

- Performance

With confidence comes stage presence. Learn to wow an audience and deliver a dynamic and charismatic performance.

- Audition prep

The country’s leading drama schools have very specific audition requirements. We will help you select the right repertoire to best showcase your ability and nail your musical theatre auditions. Maybe you feel the time has come to audition for a TV talent show such as X Factor, The Voice or Britain’s Got Talent – again matching the song choice to the singer is an all-important first step. First auditions need to make an impact, let us show you how.

- Recording

We have recording facilities at the Total Vocal Studio near Buckingham so that we can capture your favourite songs prior to uploading them to YouTube, Soundcloud or social media. For those bigger projects, we team up with some of the finest recording studios in the area and will always endeavour to offer an attractive package.

Vocal Workshops

These are real ‘Feel Good’ days and provide the perfect platform for students to try out their developing talent in front of a real audience. A newcomer to Total Vocal may well start by attending a workshop. These one-day events culminate in a show of material covered whilst providing an exciting opportunity to meet other like-minded singers. See our blog for details of forthcoming events. Workshop locations may vary but generally take place close to Buckingham and Brackley.

Showcase Events

Periodically Total Vocal students have the opportunity to work together as a company and demonstrate their talent in our spectacular and colourful showcase events. Soloists are selected by audition from our pool of singers. These showcases aim to present performers of the highest possible standard in professional theatres to a paying public audience. Similar to the workshops, locations may vary but rehearsals generally take place in the Buckingham/Brackley area.

Corporate Coaching

Corporate coaching and public speaking lessons are a fantastic way for those in business to learn how to command a room. The ability to inspire customers, drive revenue growth and present yourself as a thought leader is reliant on you feeling confident, controlling your nerves and building rapport with your audience. As a public speaking expert and corporate speaking coach, Sheridan can create and deliver a bespoke training course just for you to reach your goals. So whether you have a fear of public speaking with an ounce of imposter syndrome, or you are looking to work on your speaking style, communication and presentation skills, Total Vocal can help.

Things you need to know

Where does it all take place?​

Wherever suits you. Sheridan teaches online to students all over the globe.

However if you are able to travel to the area, face-to-face lessons take place in the Total Vocal Studio which is in Finmere. We are about a 10-minute drive from Bicester, Buckingham and Brackley but many travel far and wide to the studio for their singing lessons.

How much does it cost?

One-to-one singing lessons last an hour and cost £75 each.

The majority attend lessons fortnightly, some weekly and others monthly or ad hoc. We are happy to help you formulate a plan to suit your budget.
Workshop prices vary depending on exactly what’s on offer. There is no charge to take part in our public performance events or showcases.

When do lessons take place?

One-to-one lessons take place from 10am till 8pm Tuesday to Saturday.

We are closed on Sundays and Mondays. However, workshop events or rehearsals are often scheduled for Sundays.

What do I do next?

Finding the right singing teacher for you can be a matter of trial and error. It’s so important to find a coach you feel comfortable with and who understands your needs.
Generally, we would suggest you book a one-off hour to see how you feel, before committing to regular lessons.
If you can’t wait to get started and you’re feeling spontaneous ping Sheridan a text now at 07971 955942 and get the ball rolling. Alternatively you can contact us here.

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