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“Sheridan’s coaching has had a fantastic impact on me! His lessons have given me great practical advice that I have been able to immediately apply to my public singing performances. I've found that I can control my breathing more effectively and hold notes for as long as I need them. It's great to know a note ends when I want it to, rather than when I run out of breath! I've had great feedback from the small audiences I've performed in front of so far and I believe his encouraging me to sing to the back of the room had been a big factor in that. I feel I still have a way to go with hitting high notes, but visualising them in a completely different way has given me fresh confidence that I can achieve some of my dream songs in the future!”
Shaun Wilton
"Sheridan is a bright, fun and inspirational vocal coach.  He is a great tutor of technique and has a brilliant knack for instilling confidence in any performer.  He has helped me to become the singer/actress I am today and I am sure he will continue to aid me with whatever the future holds. My vocal ability has gone from strength to strength with Sheridan and I couldn't recommend anybody more. Oh and did I mention, the Total Vocal shows are a blast!!”
Rebecca Hardcastle
“I’ve been working with Sheridan as my vocal coach for a couple of years now, having unsuccessfully tried a couple of other singing teachers who just seemed to want to take a 37 year old through the grades (yawn). Sheridan isn’t a singing teacher - he absolutely is a coach. He will work on your technical ability if that’s what needs to be done, but what sets him apart from the others is that Sheridan works with the whole performer: the confidence to perform, bringing your whole self to a performance, making a song connect with an audience. He pushes you and champions you in equal measure. There isn’t anyone else out there doing what Sheridan does to the standard that he does it. He’s not the cheapest if you are comparing him with your common-or-garden singing teachers but, frankly, that’s like comparing a Ferrari with the number 25 bus. They’ll both get you somewhere; only one will make the journey eminently more enjoyable and make you feel capable of anything.”
Lorna Leeson
“Sheridan is an inspirational and talented professional who is able to both motivate and promote self belief in everybody he meets. He is creative, knowledgeable and passionate without exception and has a unique ability to, not only help people reach the goals they wish to achieve, but to far exceed them.”
Jack Paviour
“I have had the pleasure of working with Sheridan for a number of years through my work as a music producer and sound engineer. The Total Vocal performers epitomise professionalism in rehearsal and on the stage through Sheridan's expert leadership. It is always a fulfilling experience collaborating with Total Vocal: the bar is firmly set at a level to which others should aspire.”
James Clark
Music Producer
“Not only have I improved both technically and artistically during my time with Sheridan, but most importantly he has made me believe in myself and showed me that I have what it takes to get into Drama School - I have just heard that I have been offered a place!"
Alice Jackman
“In my ten years of lessons with Sheridan, I have had countless technical break-throughs, expanding my vocal range and growing in confidence. We have fun and sing our hearts out every lesson, and I can't thank him enough for everything he's taught me. Absolutely fantastic vocal coaching and confidence boosting - the whole package!”
Ceri Ellis
“I gave up on the idea of singing when I was 15, convinced I couldn’t and that it would serve no use. 24 years later and Sheridan helped me prove myself wrong… with just a few lessons under my belt I can safely say that the sense of regret at not doing this sooner is massively outweighed by the confidence and miracles that Sheridan helps me uncover every single lesson, he has to be one of the nicest and most encouraging individuals it has been my pleasure to meet.  Thank you Sheridan”
Donal Keane
“It is simple, the best singing teacher you will ever need or want. Not only fabulous at teaching and guiding you through your own voice, you will feel like you have known Sheridan for years in your first 5 minutes.”
Freya Moreby
“I've been having lessons with Sheridan since I was 15 years old, I'm now 27. I think that says it all really. My confidence in singing and otherwise has grown massively and so much of that is down to his warm and encouraging demeanour and wealth of knowledge on all things vocal and performance. He always finds ways to pass on his knowledge to you and apply it to your own style with out trying to make you sound like someone else. I have mostly sung as a backing vocalist in a band up until recently and I'm now confident enough to try doing things as a lead/solo vocalist, I would never ever have felt confident enough or felt I had a voice strong enough to do this with out you Sheridan. Thank you so much for all your support over the last 12 years.”
Imogen Leslie
Singer / Songwriter
“Sheridan will forever be a part of who and what I am for the time I spent singing with him. His energy and presence is incredible, infectious even. His ability to instil confidence in a performer is everything a performer needs and more. It seems whatever 'style' of singer you 'think' you are, Sheridan will not only embrace that but show you just how versatile you can be...he'll bring the best out of you. He'll lovingly push you to places you might have doubted you could reach. He's a very open and honest vocal coach both with himself, his students and his music. His musical abilities, well I feel I almost don't need to mention them....astounding? Humbling? Beautiful? As a vocal coach, I can't really think of anyone else I'd personally recommend higher. Mad Love for Sheridan!”
Emma Fenton
Musician / Writer
“Sheridan is an amazing vocal coach and a fantastic person. He has been coaching my daughter, Kym, for three years now and she adores him. Since working with Sheridan, Kym's vocal skills and confidence have improved hugely. Sheridan, not only coaches singing but more importantly teaches his pupils how to deal with that little negative voice that everyone, including performers struggle with. If you are looking for a vocal coach and have the chance of working with this guy, do not hesitate - go for it!”
Geraldine Mclaughlin
“Singing lessons with Sheridan are the best kind of therapy I know! I always leave with a huge smile on my face and more gems of advice on technique to keep me busy until my next lesson. Sheridan's style is perfect - totally individual, centred on just what each student needs and great fun! Can't wait till my next lesson.”
Helen Robertson
“Awesome coach, whether you're shy & need confidence, or confident & want to stretch yourself. Sheridan will meet you where you are and take you on beyond your expectations.”
Dawn Bush
Actress / Singer
“Not only a refreshing, different and fantastic vocal coach, but someone who's positivity is infectious and who builds your confidence at the same time as your vocal range. Working with Sheridan has always been a great experience for me, both when I first started with him more than 10 years ago and still today.”
Emma Tallon
“This man is amazing. He's a singing teacher yes, but he taught me so much more - so much about myself, my confidence and possibilities. In our family we call him Uncle Sheridan, and that just about sums it up really. I only wish I didn't live so far away now!”
Jaz Merrit
Fashion Consultant
“I’ve tried lessons with many singing teachers before Sheridan but he is the only one who has managed to nurture me, not just in my confidence as a singer but as a person. I feel comfortable enough to try and not worry if I fail in the safe space that is his wonderful room equipped with a comfy chair, recording equipment and musical instruments! His genuinely kind and warm soul always shines through in his voice and teaching and I have discovered exciting new possibilities involving two of his most infectious passions- singing and acting. I never feel judged, or like I’m not talented enough, and if I’m having a bad day I know I can talk it through with my friend who is there for me and cares about me as a person, not just me as a performer! I have built a lifelong bond with Sheridan and I would encourage anyone who could do with discovering how and why they’re awesome to go to him! He brings certainly brings out the best in me with his quality knowledge and warm-hearted guidance.”
Maya Hallpike
Drama Student

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